Early Warning Systems

Monday, September 27th, 2021

Ancient megalithic stone structures litter the world. They are mostly thought of as tombs, temples, sacrificial altars, etc.

For some strange reason, current scientific explanations for their existence usually refers to some religious beliefs, as if the ancients had nothing better to do with their time but spend enormous amounts of effort just to worship some deity… Probably the sun. Well, there is a strong and obvious link to the sun – some are even named with that reference, for example, the Gate of the Sun.

There is also another theory to explain their existence, and that is that they were ancient observatories. It seems that the ancients were, for some strange reason, preoccupied with tracking equinoxes and solstices, as well as other celestial bodies like distant stars.

As we can see, precise tracking of these events, and movement of far-away stars was very important to them, and the question is why. Why would they spend so much time and energy moving gigantic blocks of granite and placing them with absolute precision just so they could sacrifice a goat on a specific day? I’m sure that could have been achieved with just a stick in the ground… In other words, the amount of effort just does not justify the reason. Something far more important would have to be needed for this.

One other thing to note in this discussion, is the controversy as to the age of these structures. Most of them are dated from 5 to 10 thousand years BC, as per the links referenced above. However, there is always some disagreement as to the dating and the methods used, as exampled by the water erosion of the Sphinx.

Considering all of the above information, let’s have a look at the theory that Earth flips on its axis every now and then. If that were to happen, it obviously would cause great cataclysms on the planet. Most likely, an extinction event. This, apparently, happens every 12 thousand years and we are also due for one soon.

So, the ancients’ preoccupation with solar events, shown in the precision and magnitude of the structures, can be explained with surviving one of these events and making sure that they would not get caught by surprise ever again.

Survival is enough of justification for the effort. I would argue that the effort is actually proportional to the purpose – an early warning system built to withstand local vandals as well as disasters; storms, hurricanes and earthquakes. Any deviation of the sun’s rays from the baseline on the important days would signify that the planet axis is tilting. And that would mean it’s time to head to the bunkers.

Of course, this is only speculation, however the age of these structures points to them being built after the last such event and this lends credibility to this hypothesis. And what if these structures are even older, let’s say 24, or even 36 thousand years? What would this mean for our civilization and history?


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