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It’s all the same

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Nothing is ever new. Nothing changes. Except the names. All the creativity is put into renaming something that already exists, repackaging it and selling it as something different. This applies especially to the new age movement. And it is so disappointing.

Just look at some examples. Alpha mind system, brain entrainment therapy, etc. They all are based on the sound frequencies.
Furthermore, The Quantum Mind, Quantum Jumping, The Secret, Law of Attraction, Advanced Law of Attraction (how advanced do you need to get?), Manifest Your Desires, etc. Again nothing new in any of them.

Let’s face it, people knew and understood these things for millenia. Probably better than these days. However, there’s always someone that will come up with a different name for old stuff and will try to make a fortune. Look, I’m not saying it’s always bad. No, sometimes it is what is needed for some people. Have you ever noticed how you can be told something and not understand it, or not take notice, but the same thing told by someone else will strike a chord?

Anyway, back to the topic. What about diet? Now someone has coined a term “paleolithic diet” for something that people did naturally. They knew instinctively what to put in their mouths. But guess what? If you write a book and call it “Eat naturally” you would not get anyone reading it. But when you call it “Paleolithic diet” (or other obscure term) it raises people’s curosity and they buy the book.

What about technology? Same thing applies. Agile methodolody is nothing but common sense repackaged and given fancy buzzword names. Apparently there are ancient drawings and symbols representing flying (and other ) machines. There are probably many more examples. And don’t let me start on religion

The whole point of this article is to raise awareness. You do not need to spend money on something that sounds exotic because you probably already know it.